Needle To The Groove

In addition to an extensive music playlist, True School Radio features D.J. Mix Shows every night starting at 7pm EST.


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Diggin' In The Crates

True School Radio plays music selections from various genres including: Hip Hop, Reggae, Neo-Soul,and House. You can request a song by entering the song name and artist information on the left sidebar.


Throwback Wednesdays

D.J. Pablo takes listeners on a journey back to a time when artists actually SANG and dancing was still cool.

Wednesdays at 7pm EST


Practice Sessions Of Ichiban

Hip Hop was built on the shoulders of pioneers like Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaata and others. If these names don't sound familiar, allow D.J. Ichiban to educate you.

Thursdays at 7pm EST


Blast Off Radio

D.J. Shablast brings the madness to your mid-day with a blend of classic R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae cuts chopped,flipped and scratched as only he can.

Everyday at 12pm EST


Riddim Nation

When reggae music sounds this sweet, you have to know that the "P" is behind the turntables. Catch D.J. Sweet P mashin' up de dancehall every

Wednesday at 8pm EST


Table Manners

D.J. Killa AKA, "The First Lady of True School"'s blends are so smooth, you dont know where one record ends and the next one begins. Table Manners isnt just the name of her show, it's a sneak peak into the movement known as Soulful House

Tuesdays at 8pm EST


Live From The Dropbox

The songs in D.J. Tone's mixes are always tied together by a common thread. Whether he's biggin' up a particular musical genre or artist, Tone leaves no stone unturned when putting together his masterpieces.

Tuesdaysat 7pm EST


Grown Folks Hip Hop

The self-proclaimed "Rick Flair of Djing" and one third of the Thursday night crew,"True World Order" digs deep in the crates to bring you 60 minutes of blazing tracks from the 90's Boom Bap era !

Thursdays at 8pm EST


The Saturday Nite Fixx

The trio of D.J. Jus Nice, Music Man Mike Nice and D.J. Slyse weave through two hours of classic R&B,Hip Hop and Soul cuts, sprinkling in hilarious drops and commentary along the way.

Saturdays at 8pm EST


Machete Mixes

The name says it all. D.J. Machete attacks records with a wild-animal ferocity. A decided 90's Hip Hop overtone punctuates his hour-long destruction of any tune he spins. Check out D.C.'s Best Kept Secret

Thursdays at 9pm EST


Ryde Out Radio

It's the soundtrack to set off whatever you're gettin' into on Saturday night. The sounds are provided by the one and only D.J. LS

Saturdays at 7pm EST


The Groove Steady Show

If it's smooth R&B and Hip Hop grooves you're in the mood for,look no further than the Ruler. D.J. I-Rule eases you into the week with his cooled-out approach to his mix.

Mondays at 7pm EST


The Free Ryde

Imperial Jay Cee brings a blend of radio-bangin' Hip Hop and R&B cuts then stamps each mix with his signature "New York,Straight Talk"

Saturdays at 7pmEST.


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